Into My Room

Frencham Smith - Into My Room cover


be Made my way south down to Port Fairy Bay
four strong hands Guess I dont have to tell you
That was the bank man on the phone
into my room Wherever does it end wherever did it start
The mountains and the valleys of the country of my heart
sexy body & a hungry mind It was 6 oclock on a hot summers night
watch the road I was driving through Pasadina
Where I had a job as a cleaner
the fall Eloise came by that day
To warn me of the fall
catchalittlepieceomyhell Im a tired and emotional girl
find me a lover Find me a lover in a Blundstone boot
Get around town in a rusted old ute
i will be fine Sitting here on the verge, sometimes I get the urge
Even if just to purge devils inside
the lonely road The Moon took its leave


“Not just bonza, double bonza, 10 out of 10 with a koala stamp. Go and see Frencham Smith or I'll slash your tyres.”
Philip Adams, Late Night Live, Radio National

“Frencham Smith rings with authenticity and charisma. There is a real strength to this albums soulful instrumentation. Powerful yet emotive vocals and engaging lyrical themes ensure that Into My Room maintains its promise right across the ten tracks.”
Zolton Zavos, The Brag

“This CD firmly establishes Fred Smith in the top rank of songwriters. Frencham is a superb singer and a solid and melodic bass player"
Graham McDonald, Canberra Times

“The pair spark off each other and imbue the songs with an enthusiasm that bubbles along on the surface of the melodies”
Warwick McFadyen, the Age

“A delightful combination — entertaining, clever, and, at times, very moving”
Sue Barrett, Trad & Now Magazine

“Talent, voice and arrangement — what it’s all about”
Jim McQuarrie, Acoustic Folkus

“Fred Smith & Liz Frenchams new CD has to be the most interesting and refreshing music I have heard in a long while.”
Barry Parks, 2HHH 100.1 FM

“Liz Frencham and Fred Smith have come together to produce one of my ‘new’ favourite albums. ‘Into My Room” is a fabulous, lyrically rich album that tells so many great stories… Fred Smith proves yet again (or was there ever any doubt) that he is a master of the song-writing craft. This album is the benchmark for any aspiring song-writer to listen to.

The idea of Smith and Frencham working together is genius... it is a union of two musical soul-mates that will, I hope, continue for many years to come.
5 Very Big Stars out 5.”
Tigdh O ' Glesain 2006