Love Thongs

Frencham Smith - LoveThongs cover


This Song "now I earn my wage on a plywood stage with my heart upon my sleeve..."
Have You Got A Heart "Cross the Harbour Bridge on the evening run, see North Sydney soak the last rays of the sun"
It was August 1942
She Is My Song "Grace and Felicity, were her sisters names..."
Out There "Out of my front door, and into the courtyard" A statue from the war , of a soldier who fought hard ... but never found love
Chockabelly "i went walking through St Kilda, on a sunny afternoon.
There to waltz a new Matilda, there to sing a brand new tune.."
All Alone "On this cold Melbourne morn, like the one Rochelle was born, she is waiting by the door with her satchel..."
Beyond Blue "Want you to know, there's life beyond blue, here on the other side."
Maryanne "you may not know my Maryanne, but you know what its like"
Sexy Bitchin Swamp Mama Blues "My boyorolo, he's into polo, he plays it solo cause he dont own a horse!"
Sexy Little Woman "Chuck Berry sang a song about Maybelline, Michael Jackson did a number about Billy Jean, Buddy Holly sang a song about Peggy Sue, here's a song about a Sexy Little Woman called you!"
Nowhere "I long to be, in the Arafura Sea, on a boat just you and me ... Nowhere"
Imperfect "the spoons and forks and knives, our ordinary lives, we wash the pots and pans, of love with our own hands."
With You "I sat down to write out an imperfect song about love turning ugly, love going wrong."


The Australian duo Frencham Smith are Liz Frencham, upright-bass player and singer, and Iain "Fred" Smith, singer-songwriter and guitarist. This is their second collaboration and continues the fine folk-pop work they began with Into My Room (2003). Frencham was also one-third of Sydney-based folk trio Jigzag before moving to Melbourne, and Smith has released several solo CDs. If you can get past the excruciating pun, Lovethongs has many things to recommend it in its narrative exploration of love. Smith has woven a fabric of song that seamlessly threads together love's labours lost and found in familiar Australian places, from Wollongong to St Kilda to the NSW border. Frencham's voice lilts between a sunshiny innocence and swagger, while Smith is the larrikin with the scuffed Jean-Paul Sartre copy in his back pocket.
Key track: She Is My Song, a tale of regret and redemption through love and music, sung true and strong by Smith.
Warwick McFadyen, The Sunday Age, June 3 2007

The combination of singer/songwriter Fred Smith and bass player/singer Liz Frencham first appeared on the Australian folk scene in 2002. Since then they have been regulars at folk festivals while pursuing their own solo careers and, in Smith's case, working on musical projects in the South Pacific. This album, the amusingly titled Lovethongs (to be said with just a hint of a lisp) is about as good as contemporary singer/songwriter folk music gets in Australia. Smith is a superb songwriter with a wry sense of humour and a wonderful eye for the idiosyncrasies of modern life (the delightful light and simple Have You Got A Heart is a tour de force about that eternal subject of all musicians – love on the road) and Frencham has a voice with all the appeal, emotional honesty and clarity of someone like Shawn Colvin or Mary Chapin Carpenter. Yes, really, she is that good. The power of the album lies in Smith's ability to write genuinely catchy melodies and lyrics which, like those of Loudon Wainwright III, are characterised by simple, self-deprecatory wit. There is no other folk duo in Australia which even comes close to this magical combination.
Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald